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Add your voice to conversation if you agree that access to all published works—regardless of format—must equitably balance the rights and privileges of readers, authors, and publishers.

Media Outreach

Write an Op-ed

Op-eds in local media outlets are a great way to influence people's views. Check out these tips, sample op-ed, and examples from the #eBookForAll campaign.

Submit An Op-Ed to Your Local Paper (Word doc)

Publishers’ e-book restrictions and pricing hurt library users in Seattle, King County and beyond | Lisa G. Rosenblum and Marcellus Turner | The Seattle Times |10/1/2019 |

Column: A threat to public library access: e-books no more? | Patrick Losinski | Columbus Dispatch | 10/1/2019

My Turn: E-book embargo unfair to New Hampshire readers | Christine Friesse | Concord Monitor |10/1/2019

Publishers limit libraries' ability to provide eBooks | Jennifer Slone | Chillicothe Gazette | 9/28/2019

Limiting library e-books a blow to literacy | Ramiro Salazar | San Antonio Express-News | 9/27/2019

Public libraries across the country face a different type of censorship | Kent Oliver | Tennessean |  9/20/2019

Publishers are blocking your access to e-books at local libraries | Vailey Oehlke | The Oregonian | 10/2/2019

Publishers, please don't limit e-book access | Metro Area Public Library Directors | Minneapolis Star Tribune | 10/15/2019

Newly released e-books could become scarce at Denver libraries with publisher embargoes | Michelle Jeske | Denver Post | 10/15/2019

How a publisher is punishing library users with eBooks limit | Michael Lambert | San Francisco Chronicle | 10/30/2019


Spread the Word

Social Media

Social media channels provide a place where libraries, library users, and others can share the work they are doing and the issues they care about – and reinforce relationships with decision makers and the communities they represent. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram are perfectly designed for communicating creatively with our elected officials.

The following examples can be edited and posted to either your personal page, or if you represent a library, then on your library pages and sites.

Sample Social Media Posts (Word doc)


.@MacmillanUSA is trying to limit your access to eBooks via your [@PublicLibrary]. Join @ALAlibrary & libraries across the country in opposing their new policy, scheduled to begin Nov 1. Sign the #eBooksForAll petition now:


Macmillan Publishers is trying to limit your access to eBooks via your [insert your public FB link library here]. Join libraries across the country to oppose their new policy scheduled to begin November 1. Sign the #eBooksForAll petition now, and tell Macmillan that access to eBooks should not be delayed or denied:

Linked In:

Please stand with me to oppose @MacmillanUsa limiting your access to eBooks via your public library. Join @ALAlibrary & libraries across the country in opposing their new policy, scheduled to begin Nov 1st. Sign the #eBooksForAll petition:


Post these videos on your website and social media channels.

For best results on Facebook, upload the video natively to the platform.

Download the .MP4 versions: The Gym Wouldn't Make You Wait for One Towel | A Restaurant Wouldn't Make a Table of Four Wait for Just One Fork

Download the .MOV high resolution versions via Dropbox

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Digital Graphics

Libraries Transform Because Statements

Because when libraries have access, readers win.
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Because libraries expand access for all.
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Because libraries help new books find their readers.
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Because libraries let you fit a world of literature in your pocket.
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Because supporting libraries supports readers.
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#eBooksForAll Madlibs

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 Demonstrate the impact of the Macmillan eBook embargo in your community. Fill in the blanks with data from your library and share.

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